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Which Sofa Bed Is Best for Everyday Use?

Stefi 102/85/72

The Stefi sofa bed is made with a classic model in mind, but which offers a high degree of comfort in addition to a pleasant appearance. After a tiring day of work, if you want to relax by reading a book or watching the news on TV, this piece of furniture can easily turn your room into an oasis of relaxation.

The average dimensions allow this piece to be installed in any room you want. These are the following: The length is 102 cm, the width is 85 cm, and the height is 72 cm.

When extended, it has a length of 205 cm and offers enough space for a person of average height. The weight of only 43kg allows easy transport when you want to take it from one room to another.

The internal structure combines chipboard and metal elements, giving strength and maintaining a low weight. Depending on the space available, this can be an ideal solution for furnishing your home. The material used to make the mattress is polyurethane foam and ensures easy stretching due to the folding of the armchair.

The textile material allows a quick cleaning, is compatible with most detergents available on the market, and thus you can reduce maintenance costs. After analyzing the data, we believe that this model can easily beautify your office or living room while also offering functionality.

Georgia Pearl wiz-10001

With a classic and very elegant design, a bed armchair, extensible, cheap, and good, can be considered the Georgia Perla wiz-10001 model. It offers increased comfort, both in its original form and when extended. After the extension, we can say that it becomes an ideal place for relaxation, which can get rid of the day’s worries.

If you are a supporter of products, you will be glad to know that the Perla armchair is produced in our country. Although it is affordable, good quality materials have been used to manufacture this piece of furniture. Inside there are hardwood elements and high-density polyurethane foam, and the outer shell is made of fabric resistant and pleasant to the touch.

Great attention was also paid to the extension system, which is made entirely of quality metal, which facilitates the easy opening of this armchair and its transformation into a very good place to rest.

Its dimensions are as follows: length 95 cm, width 92 cm, and height 100 cm, and when extended, it has a length of 200 cm and can fit a taller person without being disturbed. All these features presented above make this product worth considering for a possible purchase.

How to Choose the Best Sofa Beds

A bed chair is ideal for guests who often receive guests but do not have the space to create a guest room and are not fans of inflatable mattresses. Such a piece of furniture can beautify an office during the day, and at night it turns into a comfortable bed.

If you want to find such a product, you have to consult our guide and then choose the model that suits you.

According to most opinions about the best sofa beds, the materials they are made are important. Thus, they become key elements when you decide to make such a purchase. The structure can be made of wood, chipboard, both light materials, but can deteriorate over time, or metal; it would be better to choose metal because it offers greater strength over time.

The contents can be made of sponge, which is light and cheap, but deteriorates over time, memory foam, a little more expensive, but offers the best back support, or, for some components, extruded polystyrene, which is cheap but rigid.

The upholstery comes in a wide range, and you can choose them depending on the materials used in the room where you want to place this piece of furniture. You can opt for ecological leather, which is easy to maintain, or fabric or velvet if you want more elegance, but you will have to be careful when cleaning. The armchair’s design also depends on the type of room, and you will be able to decide which format suits you.

Dimensions are important when you want to buy a sofa bed at a good price. If you do not have too much space, choosing simpler models with a wooden structure and reduced clothing is preferable because the massive leather armchairs can make you uncomfortable.

In general, an average armchair will be 90 cm long, 85 cm wide, and 70-80 cm high when tight, and the length will increase to almost 200 cm when extended.

We will continue to consult the characteristics of two armchairs that we believe will be to your liking with all this information available.

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