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Victorinox Rosewood 20 Cm – at a Lower Price

If you do not want a good knife, but at a lower price, this one from Victorinox is a safe choice. It is a favorite of knife sharpeners and chefs around the world.

Victorinox has been manufacturing Swiss army knives since 1884 and, over the years, has managed to produce robust and comfortable knives for the kitchen as well. This has a stable handle, keeps the sharpness good, and is comfortable to work with. For the buck, it’s a huge amount of blade.

Suitable for Most People

Victorinox rosewood is a good knife that is fully sufficient for most people. But this can be a disappointment for those interested in knives with their sights set on the absolute best in knife ways. It is not quite as sharp or handy as its more expensive competitors.

It is the best suited for those who cook a lot of food but not professionally or for the beginner who has just started to get interested in knives.

With that said, it is still a very sharp knife that will easily cut through most of the ingredients in a pinch.


We like the Victorinox kitchen knife’s handle, which gives a good grip regardless of whether you are dry or wet on your hands. The handle in rosewood is also nicely designed and does well to have in front of a magnetic wall strip or a knife block.

The one we have chosen is a little higher than the other knives from Victorinox; it gives more space for the knuckles and makes the knife easier to maneuver. It has a good balance and fits comfortably in hand. Chopping herbs, onions, and other nice and fast things are simple.

The Steel

Victorinox knife is made of damask steel; it is a way of handling steel for hundreds of years. The characteristic of damask steel is flexibility and strength. In this case, it is made of high-carbon stainless steel.

It provides a durable knife that is sharp and easy to sharpen. It is hard enough to maintain the sharpness but soft enough not to be fragile and break easily.

What Do Others Say About Victorinox Rosewood?

  • MittKok, 3/5,” Stylish knife that gives a good grip. Performed best on cutting meat into slices.”
  • KnifeGuides, Recommended, “It is definitely worth your money, and you will never regret buying it.”

Victorinox Rosewood – Plus and Minus


  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable to work with and nice handle
  • Easy to maintain sharpness


  • Not quite as sharp as more expensive knives

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