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Six Popular Knife Brands


A knife brand that amateur chefs, as well as professionals, love. You get a sharp knife blade that preserves the taste, elasticity, and color of the food. In this way, the cut raw materials do not affect other foods in the refrigerator.

At Satake, there are several knife series, which are especially fantastic in their way. The Kuro series, in particular, stands out with its uneven surface, which has been hammered during manufacture.


Knives are created with a unique and individual character in each knife. You get a work of art combining technology, craftsmanship, and design with the Kai knives. The inspiration for the knives comes from the world-famous samurai sword.

In particular, the characteristics of the fine natural beauty of the damask pattern can be seen. There are many beautiful knife series from Kai, where Shun Classic, Shun Premier, and Wasabi are among the most popular.


You are guaranteed a perfect cut as soon as you hold a Miyabi knife in your hand. These are authentic Japanese knives where quality and sharpness are in focus. It follows the famous Japanese samurai swords, which are also beautiful.

Miyabi has received help in developing the knives from one of Japan’s most famous chefs, Rokusaburo Michiaba. Therefore, you can be sure that Miyabi’s knives follow professional standards.


An expression of a sophisticated lifestyle is associated with the world-famous Zwilling. A knife brand that is linked to quality and long durability.

At the same time, it is also a popular brand where there are knives in every price range – without compromising on anything. A popular series with Zwilling is made in collaboration with Bob Kramer. A series that exudes exclusivity and solid design.


Among the most popular knives on the market, known for a user-friendly design. The steel is unique to Global, where they have tried to find the right balance between sharpness and durability.

Anyone can use knives. The handle and the knife are cast in one piece, making cleaning easy. There are several different series from Global, where, among other things, the new Global NI series offers thicker steel and larger handles.


With a long tradition in knives, Mac knives are forged with parables of the ancient Japanese samurai swords. Each knife is hand-sharpened and quality-controlled in the village of Sakai in Japan.

There are Mac knives for every need, all of which are made with a high carbon content, which guarantees a long service life with ultimate sharpness. Among the famous knives from Mac, you will find series such as Pro, Chef, and Ultimate.

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