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Best 350 Liter Concrete Mixer

Imer Syntesi 350 B

The Imer Syntesi 350 B is a professional concrete mixer with a high-performance 5.6 hp (4.2 kW) Subaru petrol engine. The gross capacity is 345 liters, but the net one, which indicates the tolerated loading volume, is 280 l (never overload the tank).

It is, therefore, a model with an increased mixing power, ensuring a homogeneous mix and working with all the basic materials used to prepare the concrete. The blades’ geometry and the tub’s doubling at the bottom offer an increased mixing speed, and the work is facilitated by the 2 reducers destined to rotate and overturn the bucket.

It also includes a reducer in the oil bath and a reducer for easier folding of the tub. The tilting is thus quiet and optimally controlled. It is a product that resists intensive operation and complies with all safety and quality standards in force.

It is equipped with wheels for easy transport on the work surface and has dimensions of 930 x 1610 x 1600 mm, with vessel diameter of 823 mm. It is a useful product on small construction sites and intended for smaller professional works (outbuildings, courtyards, terraces).

It does not require high maintenance costs, although the engine will require proper maintenance conditions. It must not be used in areas without ventilation due to the emission of noxious substances. It is a safe and durable concrete mixer, the tank being made of steel. The only downside is the purchase price, which is unfortunately quite high.

Imer Syntesi 350

If you need a cheap and good 350-liter concrete mixer, you can consider the Imer Syntesi 350 model (with the mention that it is defined as a cheap product, compared to other professional products). The electric motor has a power of 1100 W, being powerful enough for various medium-sized construction works on construction sites where there is a source of electricity (with a 400 V power supply).

Ensures a homogeneous mix, with a fast mixing system facilitated by the doubling of the tub at the bottom and the geometry of the blades. It offers the possibility to work with any materials necessary for the preparation of concrete (cement, sand, gravel).

It operates without excessive noise and is equipped with a rotary and inverter tipper and a reducer in the oil bath for mixing. It is equipped with wheels for towing on-site and has dimensions of 930 x 1610 x 1600 mm, the vessel having 823 mm in diameter.

The gross capacity is 350 liters, and the tolerated loading volume is 280 l (if you load it at the limit, there is a risk of leakage). It is a durable model, with a frame reinforced by industrial welding, manufactured according to all safety regulations, and intended for long-term operation.

Operating costs are low, and maintenance is difficult. It is an environmentally friendly electric concrete mixer, which does not raise the issue of pollution by pollutant emissions.

Buyer’s Guide

A concrete mixer is indispensable in most construction works. Because there is no point in buying a model larger than the work required because you are wasting materials when you own a small company or even when you are building an annex, a terrace, or a yard, a 350-liter concrete mixer will prove to be a variant. Optimal, falling into the category of small semi-professional or professional products.

Before addressing certain features that facilitate such a purchase, it is important to know the difference between the gross load capacity specified by the manufacturer and the net load capacity. For example, a model has a gross capacity of 350 l, which represents the maximum total volume, but the net capacity will be 280 l, i.e., the tolerated loading volume. If you load the tank to the maximum, the mixture will flow.

Furthermore, depending on the operating regime, you can focus on semi-professional or professional models (industrial ones have much higher capacities). The first is simple pieces intended for regular use and allow the mixture of water, cement, sand, gravel. The professional ones are resistant to intensive exploitation and allow you to load ballast or work with lime.

The models can be fixed, with the possibility of towing, or mobile, portable. Many semi-professional wheels have wheels that make them easier to transport on the work surface. Portability is also influenced by the feeding system: there are electric concrete mixers with mains supply, which are affordable, ecological, and easier to use, as shown by many opinions about the best 350-liter concrete mixers.

However, fuel-powered models offer increased blending power, being more robust. They can run on diesel, with powerful engines and lower operating costs than gasoline, which are almost as powerful and lighter.

If you want the best 350-liter concrete mixer, choose a model with reducers for rotation and tipping. The mixing tank can be made of steel or hard plastic, and in small models, the last option is often preferred, being lighter and resistant to rust.

All you have to do now is find out where the 350-liter concrete mixers can be found at a good price. We suggest an Internet search because you will surely see many models to analyze and compare.

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